Ralh Law Office is proud to serve the legal needs of Edmonton’s fast-growing Ward 12. Located at 9704 39 Avenue, about 10 minutes away from Mill Woods Town Centre, our firm understands the cultural and economic dynamics of Mill Woods and the surrounding southeast, and of the area’s new large new Canadian population in particular.

In recent years we have seen Edmonton’s southwest transform from a quiet collection of suburbs to a bustling urban centre teeming with new residential and commercial real estate development. Today Ward 12 has a population of over 90,000, which would make it the fourth largest city in Alberta (after Red Deer) if it were its own municipality.

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From LRT expansion and school construction to residential infill and green space protection, the residents of Ward 12 today face residential and commercial legal challenges like never before. In addition, the changing cultural demographics of our area (nearly 10 percent of Ward 12 residents speak Punjabi at home) require a different type of legal practice—one finely tuned to the needs of those residents least familiar with Canadian law.

As new Canadians ourselves and residents of Ward 12, our team at Ralh Law Office are proud to provide our community with the very best in legal counsel, be it related to residential and commercial real estate, wills, or estates.

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